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Designed for Creatives, by Creatives.

Stickers Collection to spice up your planners and bujos.

Sticker Sheets
Collection 2
Sweet Tooth, Buffet & Count on Me

Sticker Sheets
Collection 1:
Yogirls & Penny


Conceptualised by an avid doodler, fuelled by love.

Started way back in 2017 (as “Crafts and Bakes”), we decided to dive into cards and stationeries because we love how each handwritten card brings a smile on people’s faces. While we are all moving further away from snail mails, a mini card with a handwritten note, clipped together with that bouquet of flowers or gift box definitely makes everything more special~

By Dingsleepy also does customised cards and works – do drop us an email ( or hit us up at @bydingsleepy to share your idea!