I tried Juice Cleansing

Instagram advertisements have been one of the most toxic things to me ever — recommending all the things that I never knew existed.. And making me want to try them after blasting them to me over and over again. I’ve since tried “best” tiramisu, sour donuts, and all the life hacks (that sometimes don’t work…). AND there was juice cleansing.

I read up a little on juice cleansing, as well as all the reviews and the different brands available (so so soooo many). Looked over to the husband, and decided that if we ain’t doing it together, I’ll never be able to hold off the temptations to munch on something. It’s like can you imagine yourself drinking juice and your partner eating satays, chilli crabs, hokkien mee, etc?!? Of course it had to be done together haha!

After some checking in with Antidote, I decided that I should not be overly ambitious, which is why I went with a one day skinny cleanse. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lose that extra tummy roll right? I chose a weekend that both of us were in the entire day and requested for the delivery the night before. Definitely SUPER EXCITED TO FINALLY TRY THE JUICE CLEANSE.

The juices arrived punctually in cooler bags, with well labelled bottles in various colours. Super aesthetically pleasing and informational. It even includes the ingredients of each blend so I won’t just be dumping unknown contents down my gut.

So… TO DRINKING IT. Started my morning late at around 11am (HAHAHAHAHA weekend thangs) and honestly wasn’t very used to downing so much liquid because I barely drink water to start with and my typical mornings start with a cuppa hot coffee. We took a bottle every 2 hours or whenever hungry and by 11pm that night… I didn’t even start on bottle 6 because I was actually feeling full.

As researched, juice cleansing is definitely NOT for everyone and that in anytime when you feel faint/ dizzy, please munch on something!! Thankfully for us, we did not experience any dizzy spells at all (hopefully not because my body was already well stocked with food reserves from excessive munching haha!)

MY FAVOURITE BOTTLE? Bottle 5. Tasted a little like barley. The bottle I dislike the most will probably be the beetroot one as the taste of beetroot was…. so beetroot HAHAHAHA. The last bottle that I took the next day was very thick and slightly difficult to drink compared to the rest but tastes good so no complains 🙂

The only thing I didn’t particularly enjoy was that I didn’t get to eat any real food throughout the day? No munching, no nice wokhei, no aromatic tzechar and no bickering with the husband over what to eat for dinner… The tummy was full but the heart was craving for all those shioookk food on food delivery apps.

DID I LOSE ANY WEIGHT? Fortunately and unfortunately, no I didn’t. Both of us did not experience any runs, just many many manyyyyy trips to the toilet because we ingested so much liquids. While I would totally try their other cleanses because some of the juice blends were really tasty, I definitely won’t look at juice cleansing as a way to lose weight. Probably only for detox-ing once in a while!

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