8 Crabs: Punctual Saucey Crabs Delivery

The new normal really got us ordering more takeaways and deliveries than ever — there’s just so many places and types of food to choose from, we are truly spoilt for choice. Tze char is usually our go-to food for weekend dinners and 8Crabs kindly offered to plump us up.

Before we deep dive into the sumptuous dinner, I was definitely impressed by their punctual delivery timing — our meal arrived warm! I later realised that this was because of their one driver to an order policy across all 12 outlets in Singapore. YAY to warm meals!

Here’s what we had:

Award-winning Salted Egg Crab (XL) – $88.00

Ooh the sauce was heavenly. Thick gooey sauce with generous bits of salted egg just meant mini fragrant explosions for the salted-egg addict in me. The sauce was superb and we found ourselves drenching our man tous with it. They were also generous with the sauce portion so you WILL get enough sauce.

8crabs shared with me that their crabs were sourced straight from Sri Lanka and air flown to Singapore to ensure freshness. The entire process of catching the wild crab, flying, preparing and delivering only takes 12 hours!! As such crabs were supposed to be meatier and fresher than the usual crab farm bred ones.

Although there was a tiny hiccup with our crab, with 2 pieces of the crab’s body tasting a little off, we were assured that we were the only ones who had feedback about this — better luck for us next time! 🙂 To be fair, the rest of the pieces were perfect – especially the huge pincers of our crab. Thick solid meat filling the entire shell!

Man Tou – $6 per set

The must have when we order sauced crabs. The golden bread pillows were warm when they arrived and we just popped it into our oven for 5 minutes for the crisp texture!

When delivered, I was thankful that the bag with the man tous were not tightly sealed, as this would have resulted in soggy pillows from the heat condensation.

Premium Cereal Prawn (small) – $26.00

I honestly love how their cereal was not overly sweet and of course, super addictive. I find myself munching on the cereal after the prawns were finished! The only thing I wished I indicated in my order was to deshell the prawn (haha), peeling the shell was such a chore.

Stir Fried Kai Lan (small) – $8.00

Having a balance meal here… so we got some stir fry vegetables~

About 8Crabs

8Crabs started off as a seafood importer, importing premium wild catches from Sri Lanka. They later partnered with award-winning chefs to bring delicious meals to Singaporeans island-wide. Their online ordering platform is fuss-free and easy to use too!! Do check them out!

Thank you for filling our bellies 8 Crabs!

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