[SHOP] Sticker Sheets: Sweet tooth, Buffet and Count on me

Launching our second collection of hand designed washi sticker sheets/ seals. These stickies are perfect for filling your planners, journals and works perfectly as envelope seals too.

Available in 3 designs: Sweet Tooth/ Buffet/ Count on Me
$3.90 each inclusive of normal mailing.

Colour may differ slightly due to computer resolution and lighting. And all stickers are washi material — thinner than usual paper but holds and sticks perfectly. They are slightly translucent — best used on white based books/ envelopes!

  1. Sweet tooth (washi stickers)

Can’t ever get enough desserts.

2. Buffet (washi stickers)

The need to satisfy international food cravings. Instantly.

3. Count on Me (washi stickers)

The shortcut to amazing day spreads with our Count on Me sticker sheets.

To get your stickies, simply drop me an email (dingyi94@hotmail.com) or an Instagram private message on (@dingsleepy or @bydingsleepy). Orders will be confirmed once paynow/pay lah payment is received.

By Dingsleepy

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