J&J Hair Identity Organic Hair Salon Review: Korean Hair Perm

I have really straight hair.

And like all girls that fancy things that they don’t have, I really loved the idea of having nice curls at the ends of my mane. I’ve tried professional perms a few times in salons around the world but they just did not quite make the cut… until I visited J&J Hair Identity Salon in Katong Square.

jj hair identity salon dingsleepy korean perm

I really loved the results and here’s why you should consider J&J Hair Identity Salon too, when you are dreaming of organic hair treatments in a local salon:

1. Relaxing Interior and Ambience

As I approached J&J Hair Identity Salon on the second floor of Katong Square, the relaxing and clean look of the space caught my attention. It was really inviting and their attentive staff immediately assisted when I stepped in. The effective use of dark oak panels and soft lighting, complemented by small greens in the salon, made me feel really calm and at home. This actually resonates well with their use of organic hair products in the salon.

jj hair identity salon dingsleepy exterior
jj hair identity salon dingsleepy interior

Despite the open design, rest assured that the hair wash area is well covered so you won’t be in sight from random people outside the salon.

2. Amazing Hair Texture

I’ve had my fair share of damaging my hair with colouring, curls and all sorts of funky treatments so I was pretty impressed when my hair felt smooth and less dry after the Korean Style Perm at J&J Hair Identity Salon. Even after 3 days, upon proper styling and care, my hair still feels very manageable – no grass-y hair ends, and nice defined curls.

jj hair identity salon dingsleepy korean perm

^This was taken 3 days after the treatment – not as perfectly styled as J&J Hair Identity’s hairdresser but still looks pretty good!

Here’s the mandatory side-by-side comparison  of the before and after Korean Style Perm at J&J Hair Identity Salon:

I did a slight trim in hair length too! There will definitely be a difference in hair texture from before, especially for parts that have already been damaged (i.e. my existing hair highlights) but my permed hair still feels soft. I’ve also purchased their sulfate and paraben free curl defining cream in attempts to preserve the curls for a longer time.

3. Great Service

Great ambience has to be complemented with great service – their attentive staff started off my half day treatment with a cup of hot tea and some snacks. Magazines for browsing were also placed in my reach to keep me occupied.

There was no immense discomfort during the whole curling process, although my hair did take quite a long time to react to the hair products that the hairdresser used. He shared that it differs for everyone but it usually takes around 20 – 40 minutes for the process to soften the hair. Even during the curling and heating part, there was no itching or burning sensation. I almost dozed off during the treatment (oops)!

Thanks to Sample Store for the this opportunity, I’m really satisfied with my curls and would definitely be back to try other treatments from this professional organic hair salon in Singapore .

4. Reasonable pricings and PROMO!

Their Korean Perm starts from $228, but great news to all, enjoy your first trial with them at just $188!

J&J Hair Identity Salon

For appointment: 6344 2388
Address: Katong Square #02-11, Singapore 423371
Website: https://www.hair-identity.sg/home
View their works on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jjhairidentity/

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