fenchifu taiwan rice cracker dingsleepy

Fenchifu Taiwan Rice Crackers Review

“Dings, please stop eating” “No.”
Especially when the snack is preservative free.

fenchifu individually wrapped dingsleepy

Sample Store has kindly sent over a box of Fenchifu Taiwan rice crackers and I can’t wait to try them out! If healthier choices and preservative free food excites you, I strongly encourage you to try out these rice crackers (brown sugar flavoured one was good!)!

Comes in 4 Exciting Flavours

fenchifu rice cracker four flavours dingsleepy

Fenchifu rice crackers come in 4 exciting flavours – Brown Sugar, Curry, Wasabi and Seaweed. I’ve tried them all (of course hehe) and my favourite is none other than the Brown Sugar flavour. Their brown sugar rice cracker is definitely on the sweet side and reminds me a lot of my favourite beverage – milk tea WITH BROWN SUGAR PEARL :>

fenchifu rice cracker brown sugar dingsleepy

When trying the curry flavour rice cracker, you can expect Japanese curry kind of taste. It’s not spicy, and at the same time slightly sweet.

Seaweed flavour was on the savoury spectrum, you can taste distinct pepper inside and visible flakes of seaweed are mixed into the rice cracker.

Lastly, the wasabi. It tastes… Just as suggested by the name of the flavour. As an anti-wasabi person (I usually just mix in a teeny weeny bit into my sashimi soya sauce), this rice cracker flavour is too much for me to take… Of course, wasabi lovers will know how to embrace this flavour.

The Fenchifu Taiwan rice cracker participated in the Belgian 2019 iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute) and won 1 Star for Superior Taste Award! Yay!

Individually Packed to Maintain Freshness

fenchifu individually wrapped dingsleepy

The thing that irritates me most about some snacks is that they are all packed together and someone will just forget to seal the bag tightly before I finish them. Soggy crackers are a big no-no for me, so I’m pretty pleased with the individually packed rice cracker bars that Fenchifu is selling!

Each portion size rice cracker is super convenient to bring around too – just slip it into your bag in the morning and you’re ready to leave!

Healthier Snack Choice

fenchifu rice crackers eating dingsleepy

Made using less oil, sugar and NO PRESERVATIVES, this rice cracker is truly a healthier choice compared to other snacks that I usually binge on. Rest assured it still retains the crunchiness and same traditional taste!! However, due to their lack of preservatives, do note that you’ll have to finish your box of Fenchifu Rice Crackers pretty quickly – don’t expect a few years shelf life.

Try it for FREE

Redeem your FREE Fenchifu Brown Sugar Rice Cracker from Sample Store. While stocks last! Simply click on this link: https://www.samplestore.com/catalog/product/view/id/3466/

About Fenchifu

fenchifu rice crackers dingsleepy

Fenchifu represents a concept of happiness and is originally started when their founders were looking for non-staple food/snacks for their children. During their search, they discovered that most cookies available in the market contain many chemical ingredients.

In hopes of having consumers feel the love and care that mothers shower their children with, Fenchifu products were created to be preservative and chemical free. By researching and improving on existing frying methodologies of traditional cookies, as well as introducing an oil-free production machine, they have successfully created a range of healthier products, including certified organic baby rice cookies, kid’s rice cookies and golden rice crackers.

That’s all folks and Happy New Year!

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