Funday Sesame Stick: Non-greasy, Hydrating, Light Aroma

I love everything about the outdoors – the sun, the greens, the air… just not. The mosquitoes and insect bites. The humid weather in Singapore doesn’t make the mosquito situation any better. Unfortunately, I’m also “allergic” to mosquito/ insect bites. The bite would swell into a huge 3cm bump all the time. There was once where my whole foot swelled after getting bitten by an unknown insect too. #truestory

As such, when I’m out trekking and enjoying the nice scenery, I always remember to put lots of insect repellent on myself – and then pray hard that the repellent works – or that the mosquitoes/ insects don’t notice me haha. There are a handful of products in the market that works, but most of them carry a strong scent.

Recently, Sample Store has brought in some Taiwan hot selling products and one of them is the Funday Sesame Stick. The inner glutton in me lit up at name of the product – sounds really delicious haha.

About Funday Sesame Stick

No. It’s not edible, but it does contain natural ingredients and sesame oil (hence the name haha duh!). The Funday Sesame Stick is free from colorant and other additives, making it suitable for everyone, including babies! It also has a light aroma, like babies’ powder.

I love the compact and handy size that this Sesame Stick comes in. I can just slip it into my tiniest sling bags and I’m ready to face Mother Nature and them insects, head on. Its simple design is also fuss-free and easy to use. Simply remove the cap and apply!

The Funday Sesame Stick is a “many-in-one” product. You will be able to use it as..

1) Mosquito Repellent/ Insect cream

We all know THAT unbearable itch after getting bitten by mosquitoes. You could use the Funday Sesame Stick as a bites cream – simply apply the product on affected area on the skin! The product will relieve the itch.

Furthermore, the Funday Sesame Stick also acts as an insect repellent! Super useful right?

2) Moisturiser

Other than relieving your itch and repelling insects, the Funday Sesame Stick is also very hydrating and hence can function as a moisturizer too. I personally have really dry elbows (sometimes they start to itch too) – this non-greasy moisturizer really helps. You could also apply the Funday Sesame Stick on cracked skin – like cracked heels to “repair” the skin!

P.S. You could apply it over minor cuts too :>

3) Lip Balm

Non-greasy. Hydrating. Sounds perfect as a daily use lip balm. We all know how important it is to smear on lip balm since the skin on our lips is so much more delicate…

Redeem Your Sample

Tickled to try the Funday Sesame Stick?

You can redeem your sample here: , before purchasing the full size product on Sample Store. Sample Store has brought in a handful of Taiwan hot selling products recently. There’s so many new innovative products out there waiting for you to try out, do stay tuned to Sample Store for more product launches!

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