Menya Kokoro: Mala MazeSoba, Why Not?

With the up and coming mala craze now, where almost everything comes in the mala flavour, it’s no surprise that Menya Kokoro decides to join in the party with their spicy and numbing noodles.

P.S. Promotion below! 😉

Let’s be honest. I’m personally not a huge fan of mala – some are just so so so so spicy. Furthermore, I had my fair share of mala hotpot in China in my previous stint… but after trying Menya Kokoro’s maze soba at Suntec – I knew I had to try their mala series.

We popped by their second outlet at 100AM (Tanjong Pagar), launhed on 29 July 2019, to try their new offerings:

Furious Mala MazeSoba

This bowl of mazesoba will shock all unsuspecting foodies with its seemingly innocent appearance – a jiggly onsen egg, some dried chilli strings, onions, spring onions and seaweed. As we fished out the noodles below, all red and well coated with szechuan peppers and chilli oil…

We tried the level 1 and 3 of the dry mazesoba. Spicy… numbing…

Do try it with their house vinegar too! It gives additional layers of flavours into each mouth ~ TRY IT TO KNOW IT hahah.

Regular: $14.80, Large: $16.80

Furious Mala Ramen Soup

If you’re looking for something less spicy, opt for the ramen soup version. We tried the Level 2 Furious Mala Ramen Soup and we were so relieved that it was actually less spicy compared to the Level 1 Furious Mala MazeSoba.

This bowl also comes with a ramen egg – the goey candied core was simply irresistible. Coupled with the tolerable spiciness (for me), I would definitely go for the soup version!

Price: $14.80

Vegan Yuzu Pork Hiyashi Ramen

Another unique bowl on their new menu would be this VEGAN Yuzu Pork Hiyashi Ramen. Topped generously with tomatoes, cucumbers, tempura crisps and other vegetables, this refreshing bowl really saved our burning mouths when we ate Menya Kokoro’s mala series.

P.S. The “pork slices” in the vegan bowl is actually the japanese bean curd inari and the onsen egg is a dollop of tofu sauce.

Price: $11.80


We also tried the Nagoya Style Kakiage – one of their new sides of deep fried fritters. Consisting of batter coated sweet potatoes, carrots, green peppers and onions, the Nagoya Style Kakiage is then drizzled with Nagoya-style sauce – savoury and slightly spicy. We loved it!

Soft Floats from Emma Soft Serve

Menya Kokoro (at 100AM) is also sharing spaces with Emma Soft Serve, the brand famous for their ice creams. I’m holding the Sunny Soft Float ($6.50) – orange and ginger ale topped with their signature soft serve.

The soft serves didn’t hold up very well in the drink hahah but rest assured the taste remain unaffected.

From left, we have the Black Tapioca Soft Float ($6.30) – black tea and Okinawa brown sugar pearls topped with their soft serve. When the soft serve melted, it was basically milk tea boba drink!

Pink Lady Soft Float ($6.50), the unmissable pink cup second from the left, is a concoction of cranberry pomegranate juice with lime. The Virgin Mojito Soft Float ($6.50) consists of mint leaves, lime and ginger ale – totally not alcoholic.

I really love how this combines both a sweet beverage and soft serve – the best of both worlds – what I really need after a satisfying meal at Menya Kokoro.


From now till end Sep, enjoy a FREE off the menu spicy ULTIMATE FURIOUS MALA MAZESOBA for every 3 mains (mazesoba, ramen or maze don) ordered. All you have to do is to like their Facebook page to qualify!

About Menya Kokoro

Menya Kokoro is the largest Mazesoba chain in Japan, with 27 outlets around the world in just 4 years. They have 2 outlets in Singapore, one located in Suntec and the other in 100AM.

Thanks for extending the invite @makanwarrior @brandcellar and for hosting us @menyakokoro.

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