Kotex Soft® Air Review: Barely There, So You Can Do More #PeriodorNot

Ah that time of the month. Again.

Groggy, cramps, mood… and the worst thing? Leaks. The importance of pads/ tampons/ menstrual cups to us ladies is indescribable. It’s definitely an essential and great news for all ladies out there, Kotex has just launched the THINNEST PAD^ ever, their Kotex Soft® Air. I always favoured thin pads because of the comfort of feeling as if it wasn’t there.

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I’ve tried the Kotex Soft Air one week ago (during my period obviously) and here’s why I love the Kotex Soft® Air.

1. THE PAD IS SUPER THIN – Only 0.8mm

That’s reaaalllyy thin and in fact, one of the thinnest in the market at the moment. I’m not a fan of thick pads because honestly, they’re just not comfortable? I also get a little more self conscious whether my pad is showing, especially when it feels heavy nearer to the end of the day…

But with the new Kotex Soft® Air with a 0.8mm absorbent sheet, I can go for runs and yoga without even feeling that the pad is there! After trying it for a week, I would totally switch to this. Anytime.

Barely there, so you can do more #PeriodorNot

2. The pad lets me twist and turn all day and night – without worry.

Remember the unpredictable gushes that can just overflow your pad – even when the pad is not fully soaked up yet? With the 0.8mm# SUPER ULTRATHIN sheet, I don’t have to worry about it! The 3D Rapid Absorb Core absorbs 50x liquid~ instantly, leaving our V dry and fresh all the time.

The Kotex Soft® Air comes in 2 variants: the 23cm day use and the 28cm night use. No more worrying about leaks when I toss and turn at night!

My period is usually medium – heavy flow and I was pleasantly surprise with how such a thin pad is able to absorb everything so quickly. No more overflows for me! I even went for white shorts in a recent shoot because I know the Kotex Soft® Air would keep all the gushes under control haha!

Furthermore, the pad has an airy Micro-Dry Cover that helps promote air circulation. You will get all the freshness you need throughout the day (and night of course!) There was barely any discomfort during the week for me.

3. The packaging doubles as a re-usable pouch!

The least important reason actually.. but good to have! I always have trouble storing my pads properly because I tend to over-rip the packaging… *violent tendencies haha* Fortunately for me, the Kotex Soft® Air comes with a pouch fastening strings!! No more random pads falling out haha.

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# Approximately 0.8mm absorbent sheet
^ Based on comparison of absorbent cores within Kotex Soft® range only.
~ Polymers are able to absorb 50x liquid of its own weight”

Photo taken by: @jonooiphotography

Make every period comfortable and refreshing!

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