VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence Review: Beauty with Every Sip

As an avid foodie, I’m really distraught when I found out that my diet and food intake actually affects my skin. All the dairy and sweet food that I enjoy are contributing to sebum production which clogs my pores!! Clogged pores and acne breakouts come hand in hand… we all know what happens next.

As such I’m always on a lookout for products to “save my face” because ain’t nobody gona stop snacking and eating sweet dairy products right? Definitely not an option for me! When Samplestore sent me this VitaRealm Essence, I was so skeptical. How will a tiny bottle like this help my skin?

vitarealm skin perfecting essence dingsleepy

VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence contains acerola cherry that helps to
balance sebum production, whiten and brighten skin tone.

Love at First Sight?


vitarealm skin perfecting essence dingsleepy

Each box comes with 8 small glass bottles – really convenient to pack actually due to its small size (50ml). Just slide one into your bag every morning~ Although the bottles and packaging are aesthetically pleasing, I was a little doubtful of the taste, which brings me to the next point.

Tastes good. For real.

After a quick scan through of the ingredients – orchid flower extract, litchi seed extract, olive extract, acerola cherry, mixed fruit juice… etc and I couldn’t help but wonder, how would it taste like? Would it be too weird to drink – I mean, not all flavours are harmonious right?

vitarealm skin perfecting essence dingsleepy

It honestly. Tasted pretty good. A little like having a fizzy lychee drink with a berry-ish after taste. Pretty acceptable for me, and I actually find myself looking forward to having the skin perfecting essence everyday.

I have completed my first box of 8 and am really excited to see the results after 16 bottles! Stay tuned for the before and after pics of me.. bare faced haha!

Varying Skin Concerns?

No problem.

VitaRealm has a series of 3 different essences to suit your varying skin concerns:

The PINK one (VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence)

vitarealm skin perfecting essence dingsleepy

The VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence balances sebum production and heals acne and scars. Perfect for me after all the “battle scars” I’ve accumulated over the years, all thanks to my itchy fingers. I could never resist popping my own zits back then, regret is real.

The BLUE one (Whitening Collagen)

As it’s name suggests (VitaRealm Whitening Collagen), this product targets on brightening our skin. Due to our daily exposure to UV rays (yes even when you’re indoors!), pigmentation is inevitable. The VitaRealm Whitening Collagen contains phytoflORAL. This substance inhibits melanin formation and helps absorbs UV rays. The results? Fairer and brighter skin tone!

At the same time, the VitaRealm Whitening Collagen contains glutathione, which aims to even out our skin tone and lighten dark pigments. P.S. It also aids liver detoxification!!

The PURPLE one (Anti-A.G.E Essence)

The VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Essence aims to fight aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and dark pigmentation. It contains Youth Revival Complex which reverses the glycation process, where excess consumed sugar reacts with the collagen in our skin. This process causes our skin to lose elasticity and volume (AHHHHH!!) which leads to wrinkles.

Additionally, the rose extract present in the VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Essence also helps to strengthen our skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

Where to Purchase

Want to try it too? Each essence is sold in boxes of 8 bottles. You can now purchase at VitaRealm’s online store with FREE doorstep delivery in Singapore or from Watsons. For a limited time, they will be sold at $39.90 per box – don’t miss this deal!

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