Free 2019 Calendar Printable

Other than being an avid doodler, I’m super reliant on my planner/scheduler to track my appointments and time. In simpler terms, I’m nothing without my planner haha. There was once  that I ended up arranging 3 appointments on the same day – at the same time – because I lost my planner.

Friends have been nagging at me to make use of the calendar app in my phone to store these important appointments but the physical copy of the book and flipping my planner just don’t feel the same as scrolling through my phone. Plus, my phone is always low battery haha.

During my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I managed to find a bujo that I really like (and since bullet journalling lets me create my own planner pages), I bought it immediately. They are currently filled with both monthly and weekly spreads and I thought I could share it with you guys if you haven’t gotten a calendar or planner for 2019 yet!

I’ll be sharing them slowly through the year (same link below!) These printables are completely free of charge, please feel free to download or share this link with your friends, happy 2019!

The files are saved in A4 – I strongly encourage you to print them in A4 or smaller file sizes so the image will still be clear and sharp. Click here to download the high res file: 

january printable dingsleepy

Hope you guys like it!


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