Day Trip to Incheon – Fairytale Village, Jjajangmyeon and More

Similar to the primary reasson of visiting Jeonju for bibimbap, I hopped on the one hour train journey for Incheon after finding out that jjajangmyeon came from Incheon!! *bubbling excitement*  We took around half a day to cover Incheon. While I wouldn’t say this is a must visit place in South Korea, Incheon is definitely somewhere to pop by if you’re sick of Seoul. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a full day trip, you may wish to check out Nami Island and Gangchon Rail Park.

day trip to incheon streets dingsleepy

Here’s a few other things that you could do when you’re there!

Wander through Songwol-Dong Fairytale Village (송월동 동화마을)

This one is definitely for the gram.

day trip to incheon songwoldong fairytale village dingsleepy

Stroll through fantasy land in fairytale village and take lots of photographs with your favourite characters!! I really liked how all the wall murals were nicely done and that there were also huge character figurines around the village.

day trip to incheon songwoldong fairytale village2

However, the fairytale are is rather small and we took about 30 minutes to finish walking through the entire village.

day trip to incheon songwoldong fairytale village little mermaid dingsleepy

Songwol-Dong Fairytale Village (송월동 동화마을)
Address: 38 Donghwamaeul-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 동화마을길 38 (송월동3가) 일대

Try Jjajangmyeon from Gonghwachun (공화춘)

This is THE jjajamyeon stall that started everything.

Expect a never ending queue where foodies from all over the world flock here. For jjajangmyeon. We gave it a miss eventually because we were starving by the time we arrived in Incheon.Do try it and let me know how amazing it is!

Gonghwachun Restaurant (공화춘|共和春)
Address: 43 Chinatown-ro Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 차이나타운로 43 공화춘
Opening hours: 10.00am – 9:30pm

Indulge in authentic Korean-Chinese dishes from Yanjing Restaurant (燕京)

Was craving for some Chinese food after being in Korea for more than a week and this four storey Chinese building definitely nailed it. We ordered the sweet and sour fried chicken and their white bean jjajangmyeon.

day trip to incheon yanjing sweet and sour chicken dingsleepy

I loved how the sweet and sour chicken dish was presented on a hot plate. Ahjumma came over with a tub of sauce and poured them straight on top of the chunky cutlet. That heavenly sizzle~

day trip to incheon yangjing jajangmyeon dingsleepy

Jjajangmyeon was pretty good too, just that it really looked odd because I was so accustomed to seeing the black sauce for the noodle haha. Since it was a white sauce, I could really see all the diced onion and meat pieces in the sauce. Our meal cost us around KRW 33,000 (not the cheapest but pretty reasonable since it was so filling).

day trip to incheon yanjing restaurant dingsleepy

We arrived at around 12 noon and there was no queue at all. Yay!! However, when we were done at around 1pm, a Long snaking line had already formed downstairs so… you know what to do 🙂

Yanjing  (燕京)
5-1 Bukseong-dong 3 ga, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
인천광역시 중구 북성동 3가 5-1번지
Opening hours: 10.00am – 9.00pm

Try Simnihyang’s Baked Buns (십리향 )

All the streets in Chinatown were lined with stalls selling different street food, but this one caught my attention.

day trip to incheon simnihwang bun dingsleepy

Their menu had 4 items, all in Korean. So, I just said that I wanted one and tried whatever I was given haha (hopefully the original). It definitely tasted like oven baked pau, the exterior part of the bread a little dry and toasted from the baking but the fillings still moist and juicy. The taste of the fillings resembled a lot like the chicken pau in Singapore. I later found out that the 3 other flavours were sweet potato, red bean and white pumpkin! 

day trip to incheon simnihwang bun baking dingsleepy

While queueing, you can also observe the boss of the stall baking the buns in a huge ceramic container. He tried to do some light explanation as well but unfortunately, I can’t understand a single korea phrase other that kamsahamida HAHAHA.

Simnihyang (십리향| 十里香)
Address: 50-2 Chinatown-ro Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 차이나타운로 50-2
Opening hours: 12.00nn – 8.00pm

Play some Arcade Games along the Streets

Streets were also littered with arcades and game shops if you’re looking for some adrenaline rush. We also spotted a VR experience shop where you can take a roller coaster simulation. Gave this a miss since I am not a fan of roller coasters but the little boy with the VR googles was screaming so I guess it feels real!

Visit the Jjajangmyeon Museum (짜장면박물관)

Here’s where you’re supposed to go to learn more about jjajangmyeon!

day trip to incheon jjajangmyeon myseum dingsleepy

Apparently, the location of the musuem was the original location of Gonghwachun Jjajangmyeon noodle restaurant (which has shifted to its current location). Entrance to the museum cost us KRW 1,000 per person, but really, I didn’t feel it was an interesting place to visit? It was a small two-storey space with exhibits in mostly Korean characters.

day trip to incheon jjajangmyeon myseum exhibits dingsleepy

We just interpreted them in whatever way we wanted and left the museum in 10 minutes. Perhaps it would be more interesting if you could read and understand Korean!

Jjajangmyeon Museum (짜장면박물관)
56-14, China town-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 차이나타운로 56-14 (선린동)
Opening hours:
9.00am – 6.00pm

Getting to Incheon

Getting to Incheon is easier than ever, just hop on to the metro line xx and take to the end! In addition to getting the correct train direction, do check that it is heading to the correct destination. There’s a split a little like Singapore’s circle line, the Dhoby Ghaut or Marina Bay train.

Navigating around Incheon with RoamingmanSG

Upon exiting Incheon station, you will be greeted by a huge red Chinese gate. It’s so prominent that it cannot be missed. The activities were also easy to locate as we stayed connected with RoamingmanSG! The connection was rather smooth. Their router is also light and super handy to carry around. Furthermore, the router was rather energy efficient, an overnight charge lasted me the entire day till close to midnight!

day trip to incheon chinatown dingsleepy

Walking through the gate leads you to Chinatown, the area where all the above activities are at!

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