Thailand Travel Log: Pigging out in Bangkok

What’s Bangkok without food right? For this leisure trip, I didn’t do much research before jetting off to the land of smiles, so here’s just a list of what I tried 🙂 Plus, there’s probably so so many articles online sharing about what to eat in Bangkok *shrugs shoulders* so here’s a casual one!

Little Zoo Café (Siam)

For your dose of fluff.

things to eat in bangkok little zoo cafe dingsleepy

Photo with the racoon in The Little Zoo Cafe

Entry to the Little Zoo Café is priced at 350 baht, where you will be given a choice of drink, a dessert, plus a pair of socks. For the calorie conscious, desserts can be skipped and you will be able to bring home a mini souvenir instead. I got myself a cup of toffee nut latte and the souvenir – not craving for sugar that afternoon haha.

things to eat in bangkok little zoo cafe dingsleepy

Meerkat feeding on banana!

I was asked to change to the new pair of socks despite already having a pair on before I’m allowed to go the the second level… I’m guessing it’s for hygiene? A few corgis were sashaying up and down the two floors, so if you’re afraid of dogs… you may want to skip this cafe.

things to eat in bangkok little zoo cafe dingsleepy

Didn’t know foxes can be such great friends with cats!

The main play areas were filled with puppies and cats and there’s another queue for more exotic animals like raccoons and arctic foxes (haha ikr queue again?!) I like how there wasn’t a timing restriction to how long you can be in the cafe. I spent the entire afternoon there 😉

things to eat in bangkok little zoo cafe dingsleepy

Snoozing puppy in the Little Zoo Cafe

Waiting time: I took 1 hour to get to the second floor but some of my friends managed to go in immediately upon arrival, so I guess it’s up to lady luck when you visit.

Address: Siam Square Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm daily

Noodles and more (Siam Square)

things to eat in thailand Noodles and more dingsleepy

Steamboat of cheese, ramen and egg

We’ve tried Korean rameoyn, Indomee, instant Udon, which essentially is Maggie in different versions right? Why not Thailand’s instant noodles? In mini steamboat form haha. This is one random shop I stumbled across in Siam Square. I’m guessing it’s a high school students hangout area since the food ain’t too pricey as well. Wouldn’t really recommend this place because, really, maggie is available everywhere.

things to eat in thailand Noodles and more dingsleepy

Taste wise… like maggie.

Waiting time: None to get seated, around 10 minutes to get served.
Address: Siam Square

Gram Cafe and Pancakes (Siam Paragon)

That fluffy Instagram pancakes.

things to eat in thailand gram pancakes dingsleepy

10 seconds before the butter slid into the whipped cream…

I spent a total of 40 minutes waiting (queueing and waiting for my food) and had 40 seconds to snap a photo before the butter on top slid down and plopped right into the whipped cream. #win. I didn’t even get to do the honey drizzle shot?!?!

Jokes aside, the pancakes weren’t THAT good. Yes, they were fluffy and pillowy soft but at 295 baht for 3 plain pancakes with sides of honey, butter and whipped cream… I’m better off with Pad Thai or Green Curry…

Of course, I didn’t finish mine. So did the two tables around me. I gathered that everyone is just here, for the gram (pun intended).

Waiting time: 40 minutes to be seated, another 10 – 20 minutes for your pancakes.

Address: Siam Paragon, Ground floor, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 9.30am – 10pm

Snow Park Dessert Cafe (Siam Square One)

I was probably their only customer that day, but I walked into the empty cafe anyway. Other than the usual drinks in Snow Park Dessert Cafe, their signature dessert was … pretty mediocre.

things to eat in thailand snow park dessert cafe dingsleepy

Torched marshmallow with green tea ice cream core.

At 99 baht, you will enjoy ice cream wrapped in marshmallow which is later torched. The marshmallow was lava for a while before the ice cream cools it down to the usual chewy texture. Matcha ice cream in the centre was mediocre. Won’t visit again unless I’m in need of sugar.

Waiting time: None. There was no one else in the cafe that time.

Address: Siam Square One

Dakasi (Platinum Mall)

The drink you need while making your rounds in Platinum Mall.

things to eat in thailand Dakasi bubble tea dingsleepy

Getting a cuppa taro milk tea while shopping.

I got a cup of taro milk tea and was pleasantly surprised to find taro chunks inside their fragrant milk tea. Pretty filling and tasty cuppa! I couldn’t help but noticed that they have their own versions of boba milk too!

Waiting time: 5 minutes to queue and get your drink.

Address: various, I got mine at Platinum Fashion Mall, 3rd floor

Crab and Claw (EmQuartier)

The lobster version of dancing crab.

things to eat in bangkok Crab and claw dingsleepy

Whole lobster with a bucket of clams, mussles, prawns, corn and potatoes.

Wouldn’t say it’s very “worth it” or like a “must try” but it’s quite decent. Portion served was pretty okay – a good handful of prawns, clams and corn. The lobster wasn’t huge but quite meaty I feel 🙂

Waiting time: None.

Address: various, we went to the EmQuartier Mall, 7th floor outlet
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

Super Bowl

We discovered this Japanese bowls restaurants (Super Bowl) from Eatigo, which served pretty decent bowls and very affordable prices. Coupled with Eatigo’s 50% discount, we were probably feasting on 5 SGD bowls.

things to eat in bangkok super bowl dingsleepy

Beef bowl from Super Bowl

I got beef and J got their signature pork bowl. The beef was tender and the sauce that came with it was sooooo addictive YUUUMMM!! J’s pork bowl had a perfectly poached egg and tasty pork belly pieces. Even the fatty parts were well flavoured.

things to eat in bangkok super bowl dingsleepy

Super Bowl’s signature pork belly bowl

The restaurant, however, was super difficult to locate – mainly because it’s blocked by other shops and restaurants…

Address: 18 Sukhumvit soi 2, Klongtoei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Opening hours: 11.30am – 11.30pm

Mk Restaurant (Terminal 21)

There were so many varieties of food served in MK Restaurant, I’m actually pretty lost on what they were selling – so many menu booklets!

Took us awhile to decide on a hot pot set and a plate of roast duck…

things to eat in bangkok mk restaurant dingsleepy

Steamboat set in MK restaurant

This is the place we discovered, the REALLY TENDER PORK SLICES. Under the hot pot menu, it’s called “Tender Pork”. J termed it as the “wagyu of pork” because the texture of the meat slices were so good, even after boiling for quite a while. They come in regular and marinated versions, both yummy!

things to eat in thailand mk restaurant dingsleepy

Tender and meaty roast duck from MK restaurant

The roast duck was quite tasty as well! So if you’re looking for a quick meal fix, this would be a great place!

Address: Various, we went to the Terminal 21 Mall outlet
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

White Flower Factory (Siam Square One)

After a whole lot of Thai food that week, I was dreaming of pasta or western food.When I stepped in to the cafe, I went straight to the international page and ordered their “signature” dish – ya know the one with the thumb/ star at the corner haha.

The serving of their purple sweet potato gnocchi with salmon in cream sauce looked really small initially – a couple of gnocchi and a few salmon chunks. However, as I started to feast on my lunch, it became increasingly difficult to finish. Super filling!

things to eat in bangkok white flower factory dingsleepy

Purple sweet potato gnocchi with salmon cream

Gnocchi were well made and really tasted a lot like purple sweet potato! The salmon cream can get a bit jelat after awhile but complements well with the dry-ish gnocchi. Salmon chunks were tender and not overcooked 🙂

I later read online that their Thai food is pretty good too! Maybe next time for me!

Address: Siam Square One
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Audrey Cafe (EmQuartier)

Your one-stop crepe cake cravings fix.

We dropped by Audrey Cafe just for their crepe cake goodness – their famous Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake. Really loved their well balanced cream-ganache ratios, literally 50-50. Their alternating cream and ganache layers resulted in a flavourful yet light dessert. Plus, their generous thai milk tea sauce pour. Thumbs up!!!

things to eat in bangkok audrey cafe dingsleepy

Thai milk tea crepe cake from Audrey Cafe

As the cafe was having a one-for-one promotion when we visited ( YAY!! More dessert!), we went for the milo crepe cake. Similarly, layers of cream and milo ganache were alternated between the layers of the crepe cake and finally topped with milo nuggets. A 100% satisfied desserts craving.

things to eat in bangkok audrey cafe dingsleepy

Milo crepe cake from Audrey Cafe

The cafe interior was GORGEOUS. Mint furniture and flowers~

Address: Various, but we went to the EmQuartier outlet, 8th floor
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

ShiBui (Chatuchak Weekend Market)

I’ve tried blended whole watermelons and other melons, but definitely NOT a dragonfruit haha.

things to eat in bangkok shibui dingsleepy

Dragonfruit juice from ShiBui

Coupled with the insane heat, I had to get one! Considering that I’m a fan of fresh fruit juices, this dragonfruit juice was perfect!

things to eat in bangkok shibui dingsleepy

Different fruit juices sold by Shibui

Address: I can’t even pinpoint for sure where this juice store is at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, just stroll along the main road lined with food stores!

Hello Garlic

Garlic spread on freshly toasted fluffy bread. Reminds me a lot on Yakun’s thick toast. Hello Garlic serves them in many different flavours: garlic, sugar butter, sweetened milk, chocolate, strawberry fruit jam and pizza sauce.

things to eat in bangkok hello garlic dingsleepy

Garlic toast on a stick from Hello Garlic

We tried the garlic toast on a stick, 25 Baht (~1SGD) – pretty okay, not really a must try in my honest opinion. I mean, the toast is fluffy, the garlic spread fragrant, but I wouldn’t go all the way to Chatuchak Weekend Market just to have them… but of course, if you’re already there, why not?

things to eat in bangkok hello garlic dingsleepy

Hello Garlic’s booth in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Address: Just stroll down Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Bar-B-Q Plaza (Terminal 21)

Bar-B-Q Plaza was the only mookata shop I’ve seen this entire trip. Really. I guess mookata is only “the Thai thing” in Singapore.

things to eat in bangkok barbq plaza dingsleepy

Super affordable 2 people pork platter set!

The price was super attractive, a 2 person pork platter for 249 baht (around 11 SGD) and a 2 person beef platter for 349 baht (around 15 SGD). Portions were pretty decent and they even provided a dipping sauce to flavour your meat before grilling them.

things to eat in bangkok barbq plaza dingsleepy

Shallow soup well when feasting in Bar-B-Q Plaza

The only feedback we had was the tiny pot. The soup well was shallow and it was really very difficult to cook anything more than enoki mushrooms. With such a shallow well of soup, we had to constantly refill to prevent everything from charring. #halplaaaa

Address: Terminal 21 Mall, top floor
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

After you café (Terminal 21 Mall)

This one takes more than a sweet tooth to enjoy.

things to eat in bangkok after you cafe dingsleepy

Ferrero Toast from After You Cafe

We got a ferrero toast for breakfast and regretted deeply. Everything became super jelat by the time we were half way through. I guess the ferrero chocolates, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, ice cream and whipped cream were too much for our morning tummies.

things to eat in bangkok after you cafe dingsleepy

To be fair, we loved the first few bites though! I guess we probably need like a gang of 5 – 7 friends to enjoy this together. The plus point? They are everywhere.

Address: Various, we got ours in Terminal 21 mall
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

While I continue picking my memory for more food that I’ve tried in Bangkok, this is it for now 🙂 Do share with me other amazing food in Bangkok in the comments below and I will be there the next time! 😉

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