Thailand Travel Log: Getting Around Bangkok

Starting to write this when waiting for my flight back home after a week in Bangkok. With every possible thing of Thailand already written HAHAHA it seems like the world has already been to this amazing place. My additional article will just be lost in this sea of information so I guess I will just do a short recount of my week in Bangkok!

Travelling within Bangkok was a breeze for me.

travelling around thailand

From touching down at the airport, we went straight for the airport transport service – lazy – and paid a hefty price for convenience. Journey from the airport to our hotel cost 1,200 baht (around 52 SGD), which is really kind of insane. A Toyota Camry picked us up and of course, we had a super comfortable ride to our hotel.

BTS Skytrain

travelling around thailand-8

BTS Skytrain | Photo Credit:

During my entire stay in Bangkok, I took the BTS to explore the area. It was really convenient, fast, and affordable. HUH? Public transport fast? Yes, like our MRT in Singapore. I actually tried the taxi once, and we were caught in this crazy traffic jam. The vehicle took 30 minutes to cross the road (he did a u-turn) and we were eventually “kicked out” of the cab, as the driver advised that the road conditions would not improve anytime soon. So we ended up skipping the entire activity and went for food instead haha.

travelling around thailand- BTS Skytrain

Single journey ticket (BTS Skytrain)

Back to the amazing BTS. Each ride cost around 30 baht (1.30 SGD) for their single ride tickets as I was staying around central. They are charged based on distance so yea – more stations, more expensive. You could get your tickets over at the passenger service counters or their ticket machines. Ticket machines in most stations accept coins only – so do get them ready or change at the passenger service counter! There are 2 designs of tickets you can get over the machine/counter. One is a thin card like the old bus card we had many years back and the other, is a considerably thick card like our current ez-link card. Both grants entry just that the thinner card has to be slot in for entry and the thicker one needs to be tapped.

travelling around thailand

Another variation of the Single journey ticket (BTS Skytrain)

There are at least 2 dedicated gantries for single ticket users, so don’t go to the wrong one (: Single use tickets (both thin and thick) will be collected at the end of your ride upon exit of the station – don’t throw or lose them ah!

However, be warned that during peak hours, the lack of personal space is real. It was my first ever experience of being squished into this lady and at the same time, being able to feel this person at my back. SKIN CLOSE. Yep, plan your travelling time guys. General timings to avoid will be morning and night when the locals commute to work.

Lastly, there are escalators in the BTS so please find it if you don’t want to climb the never ending stairs haha.

Underground Metro


Token for the underground metro in Thailand

There is also an MRT in Thailand, which operates around the same, just different routes. Instead of cards, the MRT operates on a token, which also has to be bought at their machines. No fret, they work the same – tap in and drop the token into the slot for exit.

The BTS and MRT are linked at some stations, i.e. Mo Chit and Asok, if your route requires both.


I have not tried their public bus because it looks really cramp, and the driver didn’t even close the door hahahaha. Grab is quite affordable in Thailand, so just Grab la. Don’t get caught in the jam though, you will walk faster than the vehicles. Really.


If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, this is definitely the thing. Slide through the traffic like you’re playing Daytona in the arcade. Not the friendliest to your wallets though.

Taxi/ Grab

I would always choose grab over taxi because of fixed fare haha. However, for peak hours, please be reminded to AVOID VEHICLES ON THE ROAD. Their traffic jams were super intense during these periods, and you really won’t want to be trapped inside. Kudos if you saw my instastory when I took 30 minutes to cross the road (I forgot to keep them in highlights haha)

travelling around thailand

Thailand’s insane traffic jams

That’s about it for travelling around Thailand. In the midst of typing and editing photographs of all the yummy food I’ve tried in Thailand!

If you know of any other ways to travel around Bangkok, do share with me in the comments below.

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