Rainbow Layered Mooncakes (with detailed recipe) – Bake Your Own This Mid Autumn Festival

Let’s just say, I love to play with my food.Β From oddly shaped and flavoured macarons to doggie designed pineapple cakes, I love to modify existing recipes – switching ingredients, adding colours and changing designs. My mother and I will always be hiding in the kitchen, baking something exciting. Of course, they still HAVE TO taste good.

Mid autumn festival is around the corner and we decided to make some fancy mooncakes this year! Since we did snow skin mooncakes last year, we decided to work on some layered ones this time. A quick disclaimer that rainbow layered mooncakes are already flooding the net, but here’e our version!

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy

The process of making these mooncakes was no doubt tedious, but I would say really rewarding when they come out of the oven – fragrant and gorgeous! You could colour them any way you like haha I even gave Tsum Tsum Pooh a try. Forgotten entirely about the ears, but I hope there’s still some resemblance!

Here’s a more detailed process of how we did it. I’ve included the ingredient list at the end for easier reference. For this recipe, we’ve used lard. Feel free to substitute lard with butter. Cheers!

1. Preparing the Salted Egg Yolks

To “seal” the fragrance of the salted egg yolks, do bake them in the oven. We used 15 raw salted eggs for this. Just crack the eggs and separate the egg yolks onto a lined baking tray. I’ve dumped the egg whites away entirely as this recipe does not require the whites.

Be sure to separate the yolks on the baking tray because you don’t want them to stick together! It’s also fine if there are some egg whites sticking to the yolk, they will sink to the bottom later and you can easily peel them off when they are cooled to room temperature.

160 degree celcius for 10 minutes does the magic.

2. Preparing the Dough Mixtures – (A) Skin Dough

Weigh all the required ingredients and mix them up. Separate them into 35g balls. I’ve gotten exactly 10 balls of dough. Freeze or chill in the refrigerator.

Each dough ball will eventually be used to make 2 mooncakes. Confused? Read on.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-7

3. Preparing the Dough Mixtures – (B) Oil Dough

Weigh all the required ingredients and mix them up. They will resemble NOTHING like a dough, please do not be alarmed. We would recommend doing the mixing in a plastic bag because it gets really messy and sticky to work with.

Keep calm and carry on.

After you’ve mixed everything, it would probably look like sticky mashed potatoes. Put the whole mixture bag into the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes. It will be a lot easier to work with after, trust us on this. Take it out of the freezer and separate the dough to equal parts to mix in the colours!

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-15

We’ve used store bought food colouring – red, yellow and blue. This is the part where your colour mixing knowledge comes in handy.

Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue + Red = Purple

At anytime when the oil dough gets difficult to work with, just dump them into the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes! You’re welcome πŸ˜‰ Separate each colour dough into 10 balls of somewhat equal size. We were too lazy to mix all the colours so we went with red, yellow, green and blue only. Place everything back into the freezer!

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-16

4. Preparing the fillings

I’m using store bought white lotus paste this time. Got mine from Bake King store near the Haig Road Market at $16.50 per kg. Other baking shops such as Phoon Huat as well as huge supermarkets should have them too. I’ve chosen the white lotus paste because they tend to be less sweet compared to the regular ones – personal preference!

Prepare 20 balls of 30g lotus paste. You don’t need a very accurate measurement but just to ensure that the mooncakes are around the same size for even baking~

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-4

Wrap the cooled egg yolks into the lotus paste, bearing in mind to centralise the egg yolk as much as possible – the disappointment of small egg yolks in mooncake slices is real.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-17

Possible variations include halving the salted egg yolk and/or adding nuts! We added in crushed almonds and they taste just as good, extra crunch.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-3

5. Assembling the rainbow!

Probably the most exciting part of this rainbow layered mooncake recipe!

Roll out a ball of skin dough to an oval. Should it be too hard, just warm them in your hands. The oval does not have to be too wide, just enough to wrap the small balls of oil dough.

Soften the small oil dough balls and arrange them in the order of the rainbow on top of the flattened skin dough.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-5

Seal off like an envelope by placing the excess sides of the skin dough towards the centre – do ensure that all the coloured oil doughs are completely wrapped up – this will be referred to as the “envelope dough”. Then, flip the whole envelope dough over, and with a rolling pin, roll it out.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-11

The trick to achieving the nice rainbow layers is here! After flattening out the envelope dough, gently roll up the dough again from one corner of the flattened envelope (diagonal roll). This corner that you start with will determine the top colour of the mooncake. Diagonally roll through the entire flattened envelope.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-10

You will end up with a snake long tube of dough. Once again, with a rolling pin, flatten the dough longitudinally. Your twice flattened dough will resemble a squished snake. Roll up the squished snake from one send to another. Again, start from the end that you wish to have the colour on top.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-12

Then, cut the cylinder into two equal parts. This will be the layered skin for 2 mooncakes!

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-9

With the cut side facing upwards, flatten the colourful layered skin.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-14

Roll the rolling pin over to get a thin flattened disc for wrapping around the lotus paste balls.

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-8

Pick up the disc from the table and flip it around. The side which was initially in contact with the bar top will be in contact with the lotus ball. Wrap the flattened disc around the lotus ball. Ensure that the base is sealed properly so that no lotus paste will seep out during baking!

rainbow layered mooncakes dingsleepy-6

TADAA! Your very own unbaked rainbow ball.

Lastly, preheat the oven to around 160 degree celcius and bake on lined tray for around 20 minutes. If your oven has uneven heating issues, do rotate the baking tray during the baking process.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to do the winnie one, just use yellow and red instead of all the colours on the rainbow πŸ™‚ Here’s the ingredient list as promised!

Rainbow Layered Mooncake Recipe – Dingsleepy and mom edition


(A) Skin Dough
220g plain flour
20g powdered sugar
90g lard (can be substituted with butter)
95g cold water

(B) Oil Dough
160g cake flour
80g lard (can be substituted with butter)
Desired food colourings

600g lotus paste
15 salted egg yolks – we made 10 full yolks and 10 half-yolked mooncakes!


Have a great Mid Autumn Festival everyone! Do drop me a comment if you’ve tried our recipe. Should you have any queries, do slide me a message via Instagram or leave it in the comments below. I will revert soonest possible πŸ˜‰

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