I-Mei Milk Puffs: Creamy Fragrant Snack Anytime, Anywhere

Born with a sweet tooth, I’m always on a lookout for interesting and yummy snacks. Whether I’m grocery shopping in Singapore, or travelling overseas, I will make it a point to drop by snack shops to check out their selections. I often end up with big bags of snacks and lots of time well spent hehe. Of course, it’s not possible to travel all the time. As such, I was extremely delighted when I heard that Sample Store brought in the I-Mei Milk Puffs!

I-Mei Milk Puff

I-Mei is a popular brand in Taiwan and one of their best selling products is the I-Mei Milk Puff. It is ready to eat and suitable for all ages (any any occasion)! Find out more about the brand and the product here: https://www.imeifoods.com.tw


Crunchy bite-sized goodness

The I-Mei Milk Puffs are small and bite-sized, super easy to eat.

I was pretty impressed by the crisp outer layer of the puffs because I kind of expected them to be soggy from the cream inside. You know those puffs that had been left overnight with their custard/cream centres? They become all soggy and slimy. The puffs in I-Mei Milk Puffs were nothing like those!


After the crunch of the puff, the cream filled core – not too sweet, smooth and creamy. Both went harmoniously with each other and they were super addictive! In less than 5 minutes, I was done with the entire packet…


As the puffs are super easy to eat, I find myself having them almost anytime!



While the packaging may be a little bulky, not for fitting into small sling bags, it is adequate to prevent the puffs from getting squished. I mean, cream puffs are definitely not meant to be eaten squashed.

Would really recommend this snack to my friends and here’s how you can grab one for yourself! Simply head over to SampleStore via this link: goo.gl/KtpL56 !

Sample Store

Not sure if you have heard of sample store before but its basically a place which offers a wide range of products for people to try. Over the past few weeks, Sample Store has launched many beauty and F&B products – and the best part? There’s more to come in the next 2 weeks! Do hop over to check them out 😉

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