Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

Inevitable stress and poor sleeping habits have made facial sessions an essential monthly routine for many. From well expanded brands to boutique facials, there are just so many to choose from. While I can’t conclude for sure which is the best, my experience with Lynn Aesthetics was definitely an enjoyable and relaxing one. Nestled in the North-East region of Singapore, Lynn Aesthetics has been around for 32 years, saving many damsels in distress.

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Lynn Aesthetic is just a short walk from Kovan MRT, really convenient even if you do not drive. The only thing that makes it “difficult to find” is the construction that is happening in front of the shop. Just key in the address below into Google maps and you’re good to go!

Lynn Aesthetic
Address: Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317, Singapore 530211

Like usual facial places, the reception area was brightly lit, and honestly it looked terribly small at first. However, when the service staff opened the “secret door”, I was pretty impressed at the space they had. The place was actually two storeys high, with facial and massage rooms lining both levels.

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Facial or Massage Rooms

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Their service staff, Kerine, kindly brought me around to see (almost) every facial and massage room in Lynn Aesthetics, and to my amazement, all the rooms were uniquely decorated! From dazzling crystals to gorgeous flowers, all the beautiful decorations were decorated by the facial specialists themselves.

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Honestly felt it was a great initiative by their lady boss, a truly aesthetic facial environment.

Kerine’s room was filled with florals hanging on the ceiling, which was really dreamy and relaxing when viewed from the bed.

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Facial Session

My constant lack of sleep and poor night skincare routine have also resulted in random skin outbreaks. As such, I went for the “Young & Trendy Detox Facial Treatment”, a 1.5hr skin treatment that accelerates cell metabolism to recover my best skin condition.

dingsleepy lynn aesthetics review-6-2
Here’s a photo before the treatment!

The entire facial session was pretty relaxing, with Kerine, my assigned service staff, patiently explaining the processes and entertaining me throughout. She was easy to converse with and gave me a couple of skincare tips and reminders.

At the beginning, she did a cleanse. Pretty common for every facial. The only difference was that she used towel glove to clean my face. They were warm, coming from the disinfector. Keri he explained that the towel gloves were actually hand sewn by their lady boss, Lynn, to provide better cleanse for their clients.

After a gommage peel exfoliation process, a steam outlet was placed close to my face, relaxing my pores and softening the black/white heads. Next, Kerine gently moved a suction nozzle across my face. It felt a little like a gentle vacuum being rolled all over my face, and I opened my eyes in horror to see the blackheads dotted nozzle hahaha it was gross. Knowing that they came from my pores made it a little better cos at least my pores are safe from these icky things. She then went on to do extraction for those icky bits stuck.

There was a soothing mask followed by really awesome neck and shoulder massage. Her grip was firm and strength was on point, my muscles were really relaxed at the end of the session. There was a heater in the bed as well, which Kerine kindly turned on during the mask time. This is actually good for ladies with period cramps, she mentioned that it soothes the pain. The bed also has a massager inside (what a mystical bed really), especially for elder women who may feel sore and numb from lying down for a prolonged period of time.

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At the end of the “young and trendy detox treatment”, I would say I didn’t look the best because of the slight redness. Kerine did a rather thorough extraction for my face. I wouldn’t say stuff like “nah, it was not painful.” Let’s be real. IT WAS PAINFUL, but bearable. Kerine verbally checked if I was okay at times, so if you’re really intolerant of pain, you can let her know in advance!

Service Staff

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Long story short, I get rather annoyed by pushy service staffs who try to sell me the world (seriously, I don’t need them, and I can’t afford them). It was a pleasant experience as Kerine did not attempt to hard sell anything (yay!) and she even gave me tips on how I can pamper my skin at home. I really enjoyed my session with Kerine and Lynn Aesthetics, do feel free to contact them at 6289 8901 for more info!

dingsleepy lynn aesthetics review-1Cafe hopping a few days after! 🙂

For more reviews, do check out Thanks for having me Sample Store and Lynn Aesthetics!

Address: Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317 Singapore 530211 (Nearest MRT Station: NEL Kovan)
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 9pm| Sat, Sun, PH 10am – 6pm

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