Ah Mah’s Blanket Castella Roll: Design Your Own Pillowy Soft Cakes

Everyone is probably familiar with those winding queues for Ah Mah’s Homemade Cake when they first sprouted in Singapore a few months back. The pillowy soft sponge was simply irresistible and I actually queued more than 2 hours for them previously.

However, competitors latched on quickly and in no time, there are a couple of castella cake bakers in Singapore. To up their game, Ah Mah Homemade Cakes has just launched their Design Your Own Blanket Castella Roll!

ah mah homemade castella cakePhoto credits: White Sands

Looking just like bite-sized swiss rolls you can easily get from any bakery, the Blanket Castella Roll is sure to take your breath away with their signature fluffy Ah Mah Homemade sponge cake. The pillowy soft texture of the cakes are simply irresistible and absolutely addictive.

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-2

Each batch of cakes is made everyday on the spot, to ensure the freshness and quality of their cakes. The baker was seen tediously evening out the cake batter to achieve a uniform cake layer.

The cakes were then put into the oven for 20 minutes where all the magic happened – perfectly risen pillowy soft castella.

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-8

After cutting and cooling the layers, the baker generously slathered the spreads onto the cake layers. There are 3 different types of cake bases to choose from: earthy sesame, fragrant pandan and rich chocolate. The earthy sesame cake was the most memorable cake base for me – the well infused aroma of sesame seeds in the cake really impressed me.

For the spreads, there are 4 different flavours to choose from: Kaya Coconut, Crunch Choco, Luscious Cream Cheese and Classic Strawberry.

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-3

Nuts and other toppings can also be added into your Blanket Castella Cake! For a small charge of $0.30 per topping, you may want to add more textures to your creation: crushed nuts, roasted mix sesame, chocolate rice, coconut flakes and crispy flakes.

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-1

In one swift roll, your Blanket Castella Roll is almost ready to be eaten!

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-4

Skilful and with great precision, the chef then sliced up the roll for sharing! Of course, if you prefer to have the entire roll all by yourself – nobody will stop you!

Did you know that Ah Mah’s castella cakes do not contain butter at all?! There is also no preservatives and colourings added as well so fret not, you are eating healthy when choosing Ah Mah Homemade Cakes.

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-7

One of my favourites out of chef’s creations would be the premium roll. It is powerpacked with rich chocolate ganache and brittle crispy flakes (made from thin sweetened crepes). It would then be topped off with MORE ganache and generously dusted with chocolate powder. I loved the extra crunch is this roll, and I never reject chocolate. Ever.

Should you be more confident in your cake base + spread pairing, feel free to be creative!

Ah Mah’s Homemade Cake Blanket Castella would be rolling out on 20th April islandwide, where you will be able to design your own blanket castella rolls! Just let the chefs know which base, spread and topping you prefer and he will roll away! 😉 Priced rather affordably at $2.50 per roll, you may wish to get 3 rolls for $6.90! The premium roll  mentioned above costs $3.20.

If you’re looking at trying all 3 of their chef’s recommendations, I would suggest eating from the following order: sesame cream cheese, pandan kaya and chocolate nut, to better taste their selection 🙂

blanket castella ah ma cake dingsleepy-6

Thank you for having me @iluvahmahsg and Brand Cellar, as well as Kenny for extending the invitation!

Have you tried the Ah Mah’s Homemade Cake Blanket Castella Roll? Share with me in the comments below.


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