Learn How to Pipe Buttercream Flowers in 5.5 Hours

I can vividly remember how I would paste my face on the display fridges of gorgeously piped cupcakes and admire those masterpieces, while dreaming of the moist cakes with smooth buttercream.  Tasting them was like a granted wish, but knowing that I could learn how to create them made me extremely excited!


I’ve since checked out online classes, youtube videos and tutorials to learn how to pipe flowers – but obviously they didn’t work too well for me. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to attend Yume Patisserie ‘s Korean Buttercream Flower Cupcake class last week, where all my floral dreams came true. Not only was Pastry Chef Amber extremely skillful, she was patient in explaining to us step-by-step instructions on how to pipe the delicate flowers. At the end of the class, we even got to bring them home to flaunt to our family members and friends!

P.S. Scroll to the end for exciting discounts for Yume Patisserie’s classes!

Here’s how our 3 hour crash course unfolded.

The class started with colouring our buttercream.  Other than the recipes of the Glossy Korean Buttercream and Earl Grey Chocolate cupcake, we were even provided notes on the colour wheel to help us get our colour combinations right. Chef Amber also taught us the secret to achieving a natural colour for our buttercream – which you will find out, if you attend her class 😉


We dipped a toothpick with our desired colour and rapidly beat the buttercream to mix it in. Do remember not to double dip the toothpick – re-dipping the same toothpick that has buttercream – to prevent the food coloring from being contaminated.


As expected, I went for light pink.

We quickly started on the first flower – daisy. Amber patiently explained to us the techniques of using a piping tip, as well as how to hold a piping bag properly. In no time, all of us were (looking) like pros. We were also given gloves to prevent our body heat from melting the buttercream!

We were also told that this buttercream works best in the environment of 20 degree celcius, so do work fast if you’re a (literally) hot person.


According to Amber, daisies are like level 1 flowers. But although they are considered the beginner flowers, we took quite a while to practise before finally working on our cupcakes.The trick to daisies? Write many “1”s around the top on the cupcake for every single petal, plus lots of practice as well.

It was tough mastering the angle to pipe the petals because stabbing it too deep into the cake would mean scrapping cream and buttercream off the cake top. And lifting it too high up would create wobbly petals that look NOTHING like daisies. Thankfully, with a lot more practice, we manage to complete our buttercream daisies, and moved on to the next flower.

Next up was roses! This was definitely the most exciting flower for me because I always wanted to learn how to do it – the intricate petals and form… everything!


She started with a conical heap, before skilfully layering the petals on by piping rainbows. Amber made sure that everyone was clear before letting us return to our work stations. Of course, being clear doesn’t mean much (HAHAHAHA #truth). She came around to make sure all of us were on the right track.

The trick to roses? Always start with a conical heap (resembling a rice dumpling) at the base, before piping rainbows while spinning the flower pin.


Finally got the hang of it after a few failed heaps of buttercream. The conical heaps should be hugggeeeee.

We then learnt how to use the flower scissors. Simply place the blunt blades on the base of the roses (on the flower pin), close it a little, and spin the flower pin.


The entire rose should be lifted off together with the scissors! If not, you’re not doing it right hahah.


Positioning the buttercream rose on the cupcake was also pretty challenging, even though everything during Amber’s demonstration looked super easy. No worries, she’s very patient and nice (else I would definitely be standing outside the studio with hands pulling my ears haha).


Tadaa! Dingsleepy’s masterpiece! Initially I was truly concerned with how unsightly the side of my roses look, but Amber assured me that all will be well when the leaves are added.

Our crash course continued with 2 more different flowers – apple blossoms and carnations. However, I was so engrossed in getting them right, I missed the photographing of the process… sorry!!

Lastly, it was time to add the leaves…


Adding the leaves was probably the easiest part of the entire buttercream flowers class. All we had to do was squeeze and pull at the right angle.  However, it was also a little stressful for me because I had to pipe it ON TOP of my painstakingly piped flowers. If I ruined it, all my hard work for the past 2.5 hours would have gone down the drain.


If you’re wondering who is the talented being behind the turquoise-teal flowers, it’s Amber’s nimble fingers you’re looking at! She even demonstrated the piping of the stamen – mini grapes on a ball for the daisy.


Finally done with our crash course after 3 hours! My cupcakes don’t look to shabby right?


You can learn how to pipe gorgeous buttercream flowers like these too! Yume Patisserie is offering various buttercream floral classes for all levels. To learn how to pipe these flowers, do sign up for Yume Patisserie’s Korean Buttercream Cupcake masterclass.

Korean Buttercream Cupcake masterclass ($180)

During the 5.5 hours class, you’ll learn how to prepare the glossy korean buttercream from scratch, so that you can prepare them on your own in future! Chef Amber will also teach you how to pipe 6 different types of basic Korean Buttercream flowers.

At the end of the masterclass, you’ll get to bring home a set of piping tips, a flower nail and flower scissors! That means you will be able to recreate all these buttercream flowers at home, by following the recipes given.

Chef Amber has kindly extended a 10% discount to all my followers and readers. Simply use <DING10> upon checkout to enjoy this exclusive promotion with no expiry date!


If you’re looking to decorate a full floral cake like the photo below, do attend Yume Patisserie’s intermediate Korean Buttercream Floral Cake Masterclass. You’ll be able to learn the techniques and tricks of piping more flowers on a whole cake! Can’t take your eyes off the cake, can you?


Thank you @singaporefoodlisting and @kenpgl for the invite! And @yumepatisserie for hosting!

Yume Patisserie
Address: POMO, 1 Selegie Road, B1-05, S188306
Tel: 9006 5336

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