The Nails Pixie Review – Professional Good Quality Gel Manicure

Need matching nails for the night of your life? Or maybe just want your nails to look divine? Nestled conveniently at Serangoon, home manicurist Carrene has the perfect place and skills to pimp up your nails for any events! I was searching for a long-term manicurist for my boring nails when I chanced upon her works @thenailspixie.

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2017-10-21 2

Here’s why you should go to The Nails Pixie for your next manicure!

1) Extremely Detailed Nail Art

detailed nail art the nails pixie

Whether you’re trying to relive your childhood dream (like me) or looking for a classy marbled design for your nails, Carrene from The Nails Pixie has got it all covered! I requested for Tsumtsum nails on my first visit and was very impressed by the perfect Disney characters she painted.

2) … And Blinks

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.37.07 PMPhoto Credit: The Nails Pixie

Gorgeously studded nails or even chrome reflective ones are possible as well. Simply send The Nails Pixie your desired design and she will work her magic on your fingers! These beads and sparkles will also add an edge to your outfit.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.39.49 PMPhoto Credit: The Nails Pixie

3) Good Quality Gel

good quality gel nails the nails pixiePhoto Credit: The Nails Pixie

We feel the cringe when the nail polish chips. This is especially so for a clumsy person like me. However, you won’t have to worry about that when entrusting your nails to Carrene. She uses good quality products and ensures that your nails are completely dried and in tip-top shape before you leave.

The above is a photo of The Nails Pixie’s customer after 6 weeks of gel manicure. The gel coating was all in tact!

4) Patient and meticulous Manicurist

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.37.52 PMPhoto credit: The Nails Pixie

Carrene was very patient during my visit, checking constantly checking with me on my preferred shades of colours. She has also done numerous meticulous nail art for her customers – the photo above is for a bridal shower with all the handpainted roses, only possible with skill and talent.

Removing of cuticles on my fingers were also amazingly done. I felt almost no pain during the process and Carrene was really gentle and professional with it.

5) Comfortable and Relaxing Environment

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.38.15 PMPhoto Credits: The Nails Pixie

Although The Nails Pixie is a home-based nail salon, the room which she uses is very professionally set up. A neat work bench with her equipments as well as shelves of the wildest colours at the side. If you’re looking to do a pedicure, there’s also a large fluffy sofa at one corner – the place looks just like a small-scale shop front in town!

Not forgetting the wide screen television screening movies, I didn’t feel time pass at all. I’ve spent close to 3 hours for my Tsumtsum nails, considering the complexity and details in the designs I’ve chosen.

6) Conveniently Located

Located at Serangoon Ave 4, The Nails Pixie is a short distance away from Nex and easy to get to. No worries, once your appointment is fixed, she will guide you on how you can head down to her nail salon.

7) Fuss-free Booking of Appointments

I first dropped Carrene a message on Instagram direct message and we later moved to whatsapp messaging. Booking of appointments with her was hassle-free and easy. We quickly nailed the date and it was soon time to pimp up my nails 🙂

8) Ongoing Promotion (20% off)

Lastly, Carrene has kindly offered a 20% off all nail services for my followers! Simply do the following steps to enjoy the promotion.

  1. Follow @dingsleepy and @thenailspixie on Instagram
  2. Quote ‘Dingsleepy’ when booking an appointment with her
  3. Post your gorgeous nails after your manicure!

Have you visited The Nails Pixie nail salon? Do share with me your experience in the space below!

the nails pixie

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