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100% Natural Mooncake Flavours You Don’t Want to Miss in 2017

Mooncake festival marks the frenzy where bakers and chefs from all over Singapore crack their brains to come up with creative flavours to attract the mass market. From liqueur infused flavours to fruity mooncakes, the choices are endless. However, some bakers tend to use artificial food colourings to achieve the bright colours for their mooncakes. Chemical flavourings may also be added to enhance the taste, which may not be the best for our health.

Made with natural and premium ingredients, baker and entrepreneur Christine set up Simple Indulgence Patisserie with the mindset of “You’re what you eat”. She does not use any artificial food colourings in any of her bakes and is constantly innovating new recipes with her chefs. I’ve tasted their creations and loved them. This upcoming Mooncake Festival, here are the exciting flavours they’ve came up with, that is sure to tingle your tastebuds…

Japanese Yuzu White Chocolate Truffle Mooncake

mooncake simple indulgence patisserie japanese yuzu low sugar snow skin

Expect refreshing yuzu centers that melts in your mouth, and overwhelm you tastebuds. It has a light fruity aftertaste that is sure to leave you craving for more! This is one of the most exciting flavours I’ve ever tasted for mooncakes. The strong aromatic yuzu flavour overwhelmed my taste buds and I couldn’t help but continue popping pieces of yuzu mooncake in my mouth 😉

Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Truffle Mooncake

sea salt caramel mooncake simple indulgence patisserie-1

I’m sure you’ll have a few friends or relatives that would avoid mooncakes at all cost. This contemporary flavour from Simple Indulgence Patisserie will definitely change their minds on mooncake. It’s ganache core and sea salt caramel flavoured lotus paste makes this mooncake taste just like a dessert you’d find at the high tea buffet of a hotel.

Butterfly Pea Gula Melaka Coconut Truffle Mooncake

Butterfly Pea Gula Melaka Coconut Truffle Mooncake

The gula melaka addiction is real.

After chewing on the soft and chewy snowskin, the rich and smokey sweetness of the gula melaka will slowly seep into your mouth. I was so impressed by the flavour and texture of this mooncake as well as its light blue snow skin. Of course, the blue snow skin is naturally coloured with butterfly pea flowers(:

Black Sesame Raspberry Truffle Mooncake

mooncake simple indulgence patisserie black sesame raspberry snow skin

Using fresh raspberries to colour the bright pink of this snow skin creation, you can even taste the slightly sour and fruity berry flavour when tasting the snow skin. As I am not a berry-lover, I would steer clear of this one because I could really taste the raspberries when eating this mooncake! The sweet delicate berry taste complements the fragrant black sesame paste… a harmonious match that I never thought was possible!

Japanese Matcha Azuki Truffle Mooncake

mooncake matcha azuki simple indulgence patisserie snow skin

Their vibrant green is entirely from the premium Japanese matcha powder from Kyoto – a sign of good quality matcha being used 😉 The red bean paste filling was not too sweet and everything just falls in place like how the perfect matcha azuki pairing should be~ If you’re not so adventurous with your food, yet you want to go for something more contemporary than the traditional, this Japanese Azuki Truffle Mooncake should be your top choice.

Ginger Enzyme Almond Mooncake

Ginger Enzyme Almond Mooncake simple indulgence patisserie

When I first heard of the ginger being included in the mooncake, I could almost taste the spiciness lingering in my mouth… eew? Thankfully I was proven absolutely wrong when I tasted it. The mooncake reminds me of the soup of our traditional Chinese glutinous rice balls (before all the funky soup flavours came out), and it kinda threw me back to my childhood days of slurping up all the soup (hehe). This mooncake also resembles our traditional five nuts mooncake slightly.. I honestly feel that it would be a top choice for my parents.

Also, this mooncake is part of the enzyme series mooncake specially designed by Simple Indulgence Patisserie.

Roselle Enzyme Red Dates Goji Berries Walnut Mooncake

Roselle Enzyme Red Dates Goji Berries Walnut Mooncake simple indulgence patisserie

This roselle mooncake spots a bright red snow skin, which is also naturally coloured. The walnuts create contrast in textures when you bite into the mooncake. Red dates are also known to be a Chinese superfood. They are used to naturally sweeten the mooncake, and at the same time, have health benefits too. Who says mooncakes can’t be healthy?

This is also the second mooncake flavour included in Simple Indulgence Patisserie’s enzyme series. Truly a delightful selection for parents/ elders 🙂

Pandan Salted Egg Lotus Mooncake

mooncake snow skin simple indulgence patisserie pandan salted egg yolk

Despite all these new flavours out in the market, many of us still crave for the traditional mooncake with salted egg centre and lotus paste. Simple Indulgence Patisserie acknowledges that “Old is gold” and have included this mooncake flavour in their selection too.

After seeing all these exotic 100% naturally flavoured and handmade mooncakes, which is your favourite? Hop over to Simple Indulgence Patisserie to place an order for your loved ones. Early bird promotion ends on 31 Aug!

Oh yes, and every order comes with a free cooler bag to keep your snow skin mooncakes fresh 🙂 Thank you Christine!

Photo credits: Simple Indulgence Patisserie

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