Skewers at just $1 – and cooked in 3 ways?

Crossing the borders for loklok is so yesterday because this place sells delicious and affordable loklok, with a Singapore twist. Located in Bedok Lucky 5 coffee shop, Lok Pot sells affordable skewers that are sure to satisfy your cravings for loklok. Other than not having to survive the insane journey to Malaysia (the crowd and the checkpoint is unbelievable), Lok Pot offers to cook all their skewers in 3 different ways. Here’s 6 reasons why you should visit Lok Pot.

1) Almost all skewers are priced at $1

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No gimmicks or hidden charges, skewers from Lok Pot is priced at only a dollar. Choose from four fridges filled with assorted ingredients, painstakingly skewered by hand. They are almost mess free, easy to take, easy to cook, easy to eat~

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Also, premium ingredients like oysters are available as well! They are however priced slightly higher but freshness is guaranteed – Lok Pot brings in small quantities every 3 days.

2) Wide variety of skewers available

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From the basic hotpot ingredients like cheese tofu to more uncommon ones like live crabs, you’re in for a treat when you visit Lok Pot in Bedok. I was amazed by their choices of fungi available. Oh yes! They have yakitori sticks and dumplings available too! Simply pick up a plate from their utensils counter and choose away.

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3) Choice of 2 out of 5 exciting soup flavours

At every time, Lok Pot offers five different soup bases, some of which may change throughout the year. We chose herbal chicken and laksa soup bases during our visit. Although it’s pretty common nowadays to be able to have at least 2 soup bases in hotpot places, I loved how my friends and I do not have to compromise to decide for one soup base. Soup bases are charged at $3 per choice.

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The laksa soup was rather fragrant but slightly watered down, and the chicken soup had a tinge of sweetness which lingered slightly too long for my liking. The owner of the place explained that the sweetness was due to the herbs they’ve used – entirely natural – so do give it a go!

Soup refills are free too!

4) All skewers can be grilled, fried or boiled in broth

Ever went to a restaurant thinking that the dish would have tasted better if cooked in a particular way? Here at Lok Pot, you are able to choose your preferred cooking method (grilled/ fried/ boiled) for each skewer you take.

The white plate is for dipping into your selected broths and the green plates are for skewers to be fried or grilled.

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A traditional charcoal grill is used in their kitchen for that smoky flavour, and patiently grilled by hand. Cumin powder will also be generously sprinkled on, to enhance the flavours of each skewer. Fret not, all grilled and fried skewers will be done by professionals in their central kitchen – no messy oil splatters or hair that smells just like your grilled food 😉

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We’ve tried almost everything and the verdict: I really recommend deep frying the broccoli skewer at Lok Pot. This is especially so if you have never tried those. The chefs in Lok Pot had done it crispy, with slight intentional charring. The result was extremely interesting – the broccoli tasted so much like seaweed, I could barely tell what I was eating. It’s a pretty exciting experience, do try it let me know how you find it!

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For seafood lovers, you will definitely enjoy their grilled live crabs and fresh oysters. Their grilled crabs are washed and placed over a charcoal grill, but they taste simply amazing (literally).

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On the other hand, fresh oysters were prepared with garnishes and were slightly spicy. When served, the fleshy oysters meat was semi cooked – not too hard or too slimy. If you have a preference, do feel free to let their chefs know 😉

5) This place opens till late

Yet another supper place for all the easties! Lok Pot opens till late on Fridays and weekends, so you know where to head to when your stomach growls.

6) Whip up your own sauce like a masterchef

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Lok Pot also has a condiments section, where you can concoct your own dipping sauce. It is probably one of the most common sections with various restaurants like Hao Lai Wu Steamboat BBQ adopting them as well.

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My concoction is pretty simple, just some coriander, minced garlic, sesame peanut sauce and soya sauce. When I’m feeling creative I’d add anything I want – you can too at Lok Pot.

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In addition to that, free flow chilli crab and satay sauces are available too! Since Lok Pot does not have a loklok satay soup base, this free flow satay sauce sure made my tummy jiggle with excitement.

Lok Pot
Address: 416 Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460416
Opening hours: 4pm to midnight, extended timings for weekends
Tel: 6445 8887

How to get there?

As much as I would love to rave about how convenient it is to get there, Lok Pot is located at Bedok Lucky 5 coffeeshop – which is probably alien to all the non-easties. All you have to do is hop on Bus 18 and you will arrive at the foot of the place in just one stop! Convenient right?

Alternatively, you could type their address into Uber or Grab and you’ll be there in no time 😉

Thank you Smitten.Asia for the invite!

Have you tried Lok Pot? Share your experience with me in the comments below!

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