I Drew My Way Across Europe


Blessed with the opportunity to head over to Europe for a semester of exchange during university, I had the trip of my lifetime. The food, culture, people and everything else made it the best vacation ever. I can vividly remember how I woke up beaming with excitement almost every morning, and how tough it was to leave my bed on other days.Six months may seem abundant for many, but the truth is: there was just insufficient time to explore around… T lugged my bags across 30 cities, never leaving my sketchbook and painting materials behind. From ice cream binging in Italy to camel riding in the Moroccan desert, I drew and journaled every little thing.

It definitely wasn’t easy keeping up with the doodling. More often than not, I had to sacrifice sleep to complete them. Drifting off to sleep while painting on the bed was way to common – I’m just thankful I didn’t blot or spill my paint on the sketchbook…

i drew my way across europe-2
Many people have asked why I started to create my visual travel diary. Having such an opportunity to be overseas was not easy to come by. The time, financials and every nitty gritty thing that came together. As such, I wanted to do more than take photographs (really ugly ones of course) as keepsakes, I wanted to journal every little detail down.

​Plus, my photography skills is just…. meh.
So I did.
i drew my way across europe
By the end of the 6 months, it was nice flipping through the book and to be honest it wasn’t that difficult to create one. Your eyes are probably popping and you’re mentally chorusing “That’s what you say~”.
After creating them on my own, I felt that the key to a complete and meaningful travel diary would be perseverance!! You can create one on your own too! I wouldn’t deny that drawing and documenting my adventures could be really tedious sometimes, especially when I was lugging everything I packed for the whole day… Even my sleep hours were on a transport to the next city.
You only live once right, so #noregrets.
I had post some pages on Instagram for sharing if you’d like to see more of my works!
i drew my way across europe morocco.jpg
Hop over to instagram #DingsTravelDiary for more of my doodled adventures~
How do you document your adventures? Do share with me in the comments below!(:

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