Aloha Poke: Guilt-Free Tasty Lunch


Guilt-free is commonly associated with bland tasteless foods… but it doesn’t have to be. After much procrastination (because of my initial healthy = bland mindset), I finally went to try Aloha Poke over the weekends. Totally regretted not visiting this place earlier.

Aloha Poke
Address: 92 Amoy Street, Singapore 069911
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 11.30am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – late

​Ordering a poke bowl is really simple, just pick up one of their order sheets and a pencil and tick away! Each bowl is served with rice (optional) and salad, your choice of poke (marinated raw fish), and topped off with scallions, pineapple and lime. It also includes 2 complimentary add-ons and 1 superfood. I love how I am able to customise my own bowl because while I am a foodie, I can be rather picky at times heehee.

Although a poke bowl may cost you more than twice the price to get a bowl of greens from Cold Storage, it is sooo d e l i c i o u s. Probably not affordable if it’s eaten as a snack – but as a meal – don’t cafes price their mains at $15+ anyway? The poke bowl come in 3 sizes, Lil’ Swell ($11.90), Standard Nalu ($15.90) and Big Kahuna ($19.90)Of course you’re not paying for the name of the salad. The larger bowls come with more scoops of poke (marinated fish).

I wasn’t particularly hungry that day, so I went for a Lil’ Swell, with one scope of original poke (wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to go for the wasabi  mayo or spicy poke). The original poke was well marinated with sesame oil, slightly salty but complements the salad bowl very well! I liked how crunchy and crisp the greens were and the interesting  blend of textures that resulted from my choice of add ons and super food! Really delicious experience at Aloha Poke!

The only downside would probably be the small space of their shop, so you probably would want to drop by earlier or later to avoid the lunch crowd… Takeaways could also be considered as well – Aloha Poke even has an online ordering form (for minimum of 3 bowls) so you can skip the queue. All you have to do is send them the completed from by 3pm the day before. Truly simple and convenient (:

Who says healthy food can’t taste good?

Have you tried Aloha Poke? Share with me your experience in the comments below!(:

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