Joo Bar – Bibimbap, Makgeoli and More

 Have you ever wished that your bibimbap did not have that one particular ingredient? Or wondered what it would be like if everyone could customise their own bibimbaps? Children with their candy filled bowls; fitspos with their overwhelming protein sources; vegans with their salad-like servings… the possibilities are endless.

It’s no longer a dream.

Not only are they able to cater to your wildest bibimbap cravings (no sweets or candies though), Joo Bar offers bibimbap customisations, homemade makgeoli, and Korean marinated meats that are sure to sweep you off your feet. They are very conveniently located, just a less than 5 minutes walk from Bugis Downtown Line Exit D (you just have to cross the road!). Here’s the address if you need to punch it into your Google maps:

Joo Bar
Address: 5 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188094
Tel: +6581381628
Opening hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 12 midnight
The ambience of the place was pretty chill and relaxing, an escape from the bustling city life of Singapore. Enjoyable dining experience checked and I would love to go back again. Thanks so much for having me, Joo Bar and Alex!



Simply pick up a customising sheet and tick away! Their standard portion, priced at $10.90, started with a carbohydrate (white rice/ purple rice/ quinoa), then filled with 1 portion of protein and 3 complements, and finally topped with either soy or spicy sauce. This is an extremely good news for me as my bibimbap experiences were usually made of eating dry sauce-less mixed rice or downing one too many glasses of water because of the spicy sauce.​


We tried both the white rice and the quinoa as bases (in 2 separate bibimbap bowls), as well as both sauces. The soy sauce went rather well with the bibimbap, definitely way more delicious than eating it sauce-less for people out there who don’t take spicy food like me. As for the carbohydrates, I personally preferred the white rice over quinoa, probably because I was more used to the taste and texture of white rice. That being said, I would love to try the purple rice in future as they ran out of it that day 😦 Do let me know how it tastes like if you’ve tried!



I love how I get to try 6 flavours of their homemade makgeoli in small quantities, all at one go. Totally a problem solved for those fickle-minded or adventurous people, who just can’t decide which to get.

My favourite would probably be the Yucha makgeoli, followed by the passionfruit one. Being the ultimate sweet tooth out there, these 2 flavours are the slightly sweeter ones out of the 6. Their fruity combination was simply refreshing. Oh did I mention its low alcohol content?  *wink*



These were pure amazing, really. Fuss free fried chicken tenders coated with sticky gooey honey sauce… what more can I ask for? They come with fried rice cakes as well although they weren’t my favourite because the fried outer layer was slightly hard and got stuck between my teeth way too many times. But the honey dressing, was sooooooo good.



The meat was succulent and tender, the fatty layer jelly-like and the skin fragrant and crispy. Each slice was also just right – not too thin or thick – coupled with the contrasting textures in a single slice. It felt a little like the in between of braised and roasted meats. Yumyum.



I’ve always gone by the rule of thumb that any dish with the name of the restaurant would be one of the best, and I was not disappointed when I tried the joo wings. As you can see, joo wings looked just like the usual battered deep fried wings you can get almost anywhere. While I cannot dispute that, they certainly tasted amazing. The slightly sweet hint of the wings were a delightful surprise and I was glad I gave this soy-glazed wings a go. The meat was also juicy and well cooked, and although I usually refrain from fried stuffs, I could not resist having a second piece.



The glass was huge, filled to the brim with yucha, Cointreay and lemon juice slushie, then completed with an overturned bottle of beer. While I’d have to admit I am no fan of beer, I enjoyed the drink as the yucha, cointreau, and lemon juice mix overwhelmed the bitterness of beers. It feels a little like drinking yucha slurpee, although it obviously contained alcohol so remember not to down it too fast!  The big portion also meant that a few people could share it!!


Have you been to Joo Bar? Share with me your favourite dish in the comments below!

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