Not Your Usual Cafe: Rockstar Reptile Cafe


When it comes to ‘cafes’, the first thing that comes to mind will probably be the petite cakes and brunch menus. When you add an animal in front of the word ‘cafe’, the idea that pops up is likely to be cats or dogs. When you look at my cover image, you’d probably be like “wth?”.

But it’s okay.

I came in feeling like exactly like that too. Like what is wrong with everyone to be so excited about a reptile cafe…. and the truth is: what is wrong with me hahaha. Don’t be put off by the name of the cafe, the reptiles in here were indeed the rockstars of the cafe.


Ms. Spiderlady decided to pick up the spider.


And this guy over here was definitely everyone’s favourite. The chameleon just clinged really tightly onto anyone. I even brought it round the cafe for a tour! (Be sure to check out my upcoming reptile cafe video! heehee)

The animals were all extremely friendly even though I didn’t dare to carry the non-veggie eaters haha. Better be safe than sorry right! Of course, there were like snake whisperers around in the cafe, twirling all them snakes round their necks like a scarf…


They even have an owl in here as well! Ain’t it cute?

We had loads of fun taking videos and photos with reptiles. Oh did I mention? Boss ate a small section of a centipede as well! We were all squealing and screaming when he bit down on its body. Thinking of it just sends shudders down my spine. EEEEWWWWWWW.

Oh just in case you were wondering, he spat it out after


I caught sight of these really sweetly iced cookies, and being a total snacks-sucker. I picked it up for a closer look.

And then I put it back. Disgusted. 

Here’s what I saw if you guys are interested:


Just in case you haven’t made it out yet : It’s a beetle on the biscuit. (Sorry for lousy GoPro skills.)

If I’m not wrong, visiting this cafe wasn’t too expensive. It cost us around 1000 yen for the “membership” and you’ll need an additional 500 – 1200 yen for your desired drink!

ROCKSTAR Reptile Cafe
The opening hours are from 12.00pm to 11.00pm.
Address: Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Nanbanaka 2-7-7 Namba FK Building 3F

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