Copenhagen: The Warmth in the Cold


Yet another impromptu trip because of flight sales by Ryanair (definitely my most traveled with airline to date due to its student-friendly pricing), we landed on one of the most expensive places so far — Copenhagen.

This is not a listicle on what you should do in Copenhagen, just me in Copenhagen.

Danish Hotdog Stands

With growling stomachs, we strolled through the streets looking for food. The weather was cold, with occasional winds that are sure to send chills down your spine. As we walked along, we could not help but notice small pushcart stalls selling piping hot food. Some had long queues, while others just quietly sank into the buildings.
Hotdog stands are not just difficult to miss, they are simply too good to be missed. I know it’s hard to imagine how amazing a hotdog bun can be, but heed my advice: do not underestimate the flavour that tiny dog.
(Plus, it’s probably one of the cheapest things sold here after convenience store foods if budget is your concern.)



TADAAA!! Here’s our 38 Kroner hotdog on a chilly morning. (Pricing varies for every stand!)

Generously pumped with sauces (mainly mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup) and assorted toppings like pickles and onions, this not-the-usual hotdog bun from bakeries.

Other than the fact that I have to hold my hotdog bun together, every bite left me craving for more, with mini explosions of flavours and textures as I sank my teeth in… The creamy sauces followed by the crunch from roasted onions and then the zesty pickles… The bun was slightly toasted, still pillowy soft in the center and the star of the meal — hotdog — didn’t disappoint, complemented by the tang of mustard at the end.

​The Little Mermaid
Probably one of the most famous attractions of Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid is essentially a bronze sculpture of the character in our childhood fairy tale. As usual, I was bubbling with excitement to visit the sculpture to see what the hype was all about.And my take on the attraction? The LITTLE mermaid is indeed a true representation of the artwork itself. I cannot deny the tinge of lingering disappointment but guess it’s because of my own uncalled for expectation of a gigantic shiny statue (I mean… isn’t it one of the most famous attractions?!?)


So the little mermaid quietly sat there as everyone flocked around her, pouncing forward to get a clear shot as soon as the “coast was clear”.

Here’s a photo featuring our new friend Clement. HI CLEMENT!! We actually met him on our walking tour in the morning and we found out that he was a former NTU student too!! Coincidences coincidences. We embarked on a three people exploration around Copenhagen after that and Clement was really generous to buy us lunch for the day. (Anyone who buys me food is kind teehee but that’s not the point)

Nyhavn Canal


It started off with a slight drizzle, with the merciless chilly winds stabbing our faces. My excitement dropped a whole lot because there’s a saying that if it’s raining, it wouldn’t snow. BUT THE WEATHER FORECAST SAID IT WILL SNOW. I was super grumpy and grumbling about how much of a scam the weather forecast is and J just shrugged his shoulders. The raindrops got bigger and bigger and the rain heavier; my mood sank. ‘

I was extremely  disappointed.

And the rain got thinner, and lighter and the droplets started to dance in the air a little longer than it was supposed to. I thought I felt shaved ice pieces (ice kacang) landed on my nose. I looked up. All the raindrops were dancing, fluttering, floating. IT WAS SNOWING. I think there were sparkles in my eyes and I was screaming and dancing around in the snow, oblivious to the boy who face palmed himself hahaha.

Have you been to Copenhagen? Share with me your experience in the comments below 🙂

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